Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Miso Robotics, the company that created it Flippy robot For the fastfood burger chain, now want to make sure your steak or chicken is cooked properly. The company unveiled Cookrite, an AI application and camera system that monitors grilling time for individual food items and requests line cooks to flip and move at the right time. One can even learn to distribute heat over the grill to gauge cooking times more precisely.

CookRight is an AI-powered system that powers flips, but without the robotic arm that flips burgers or fry basket right. It has a user interface tablet, camera (s) and a small computer, so it’s much easier and cheaper than Flippie at around $ 100 per month for subscriptions. It can also be self-installed, so it only opens on smaller operators and only on major chains. No.

Miso Robotics

The system eliminates the need for manual timing which can lead to bottom or improperly cooked food. Here’s how it works: Loads a grill with a cooking burger, hot dog, chicken, fish, steaks and other food items s Cookright’s AI will then recognize what it is with 96 percent accuracy and automatically start a timer. Each item will appear in the display with a label. The chef can then set the desired cooking level (rare, medium rare, etc.) and the app will provide a warning when it needs to be flipped or removed from the grill.

Cookerite can learn to distribute heat to the grill to cook items more precisely using machine learning. With that data it can spot a grill where an item is finished or undercooked but it may require maintenance. Miso writes, “Real-time quality control … ensures that everything in the bag is in the bag” helps prevent errors from accumulating. ” Helps to improve which can compromise the quality of food.

Miso notes that the system can help prevent errors that lead to food poisoning and other problems, while it “acquires an unprecedented amount of information about kitchen management that has never been caught before.” It further believes that increasing system efficiency can save restaurants money, which is key to the epidemic where takeouts currently rule. For more information about Cookright, check out the company Website Or Investor sites.

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