Mobile games group Applewin’s IPO price. 28.6bn

Applewin, a mobile games company owned by hits like Matchington Mansion and Wordscap, raised প্রাথমিক 1.8 billion in an initial public offering, giving it a market capitalization of ৮ 26.6 billion and making it one of the biggest public debuts of the year.

Supported by the private equity group KKR, the company has established itself as one of the leading power players in mobile gaming through various acquisitions and has benefited from the rise of usage during this period. Extreme.

It owns and manages more than 200 games and sells access to its marketing software to other developers, making it easier to monitor their applications.

The company’s share price was priced at 80 80 before Nasdaq listed on Thursday, according to regulatory filings, ranging from পূর্ব 75 to 85 85 in its pre-determined range. The issue price gives it a market value many times higher than the b 2 billion where KKR bought a 400 400 million share three years ago.

The private equity group was selling 2.5 million shares in the offer, according to the regulator filing, but was holding a ারের 8.6 billion stake. KKRO will retain 67.4 percent of the company’s voting power.

Apollovin said its revenue reached ১ 46.144 billion in 2015, up 4 percent from 2014, although it was down 6 6,126 million from a net income of আগের 11 million the previous year. Apps Lovin said in its prospectus that it has increased annual revenue by 76 percent from 201 annuals to 2020.

Several other gaming companies are tapping into public markets after the epidemic swept away new users for them and many countries have lifted restrictions on their private activities. Pre-teen favorite Roblex Join Last month, the New York Stock Exchange and Israeli mobile game developer Pletica listed Nasdaq in January.

On top of the expected slowdown in growth, the industry has tightened advertising and privacy rules that are head Apple Integration schedule In its App Store next month.

These changes represented the “biggest challenge” for the mobile gaming industry at the moment, said Craig Chappell, a strategist at research group Censor Tower. Sells development tools.

The offer was led by Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, KKR, Bank of America and Citigroup.

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