Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Although Apple Trackers can be useful to help you find lost items after they have been sold , There are critics That bad actors can use it to disperse people. Brooks Nader, a Sports illustrated Swimwear models, Claim Someone secretly put an airtag in his coat and tracked his movements for hours.

Earlier this week, Nader was waiting for someone alone in a crowded Tribeca bar with his coat in the chair behind him. He then visited a few more times with friends.

Nader, who shared his experience on Instagram Stories, said that while he was walking home alone, his phone alerted him that “someone is tracking you and is there for a while.” He then finds the airtag. Nader, who was previously unaware of Airtags, called the incident “the most horrific moment ever and I just want everyone to be aware that it exists.”

This is not the first time that airtags have been used to track other people’s movements There are reports About using thieves to track and steal high-end cars. However, the Nader incident is a high-profile incident that should draw more attention to the issue.

“We take customer safety very seriously and are committed to the privacy and security of AirTag. AirTag is designed with a set of active features to discourage unwanted tracking – the first in the industry – both of which let users know if an unknown AirTag can be with them.” , And discourage bad actors from using an AirTag for bad purposes, “an Apple spokesman told Engadget. “If users ever feel that their security is at risk, they are encouraged to contact local law enforcement agencies who may work with Apple to provide information about unknown airtags.”

This is right after the launch of Apple AirTag Issued The iPhone notification mentions Nader to let users know that someone is tracking them. In December, the company said Has released an Android app Call Tracker detection, Which warns users about nearby AirTags that may be away from their owners and in their person. However, since Find My is not part of Android, you need to know about the app and install it to detect a hidden AirTag.

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