Modern and Pfizer vaccines are 90% effective in stopping infections in the real world

Solid Search: This new study provides more promising data on the introduction of vaccines with a positive impact on the epidemic. Last month, the health authorities in England Report A single shot of the Oxford / AstraZeneca or Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine can reduce the chances of hospital treatment by more than 60%. Israel, which has recently vaccinated more than half of its people Report That Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine has 94% efficacy against infections and 92% against serious diseases.

An alarming catch: Despite rapid vaccination programs in several states in the United States, cases are on the rise again (652% of Americans are now vaccinated, 2% are now vaccinated). This increase is probably due to the impact of further unification in the UK. Its increasing prevalence Forms Has created the need to vaccinate people as urgently as possible – not just in the United States, but in other countries as well. All over the world As supplies have already been purchased. Many countries have not yet vaccinated anyone. The more the virus is allowed to spread, the more likely it is that variants will emerge, and the potential variants may avoid existing vaccines.

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