Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Its latest call pulls the screen again and is one that you can control without touching. Smart calls with speed control allow users to adjust both temperature and flow using gestures. Homeowners have a variety of styles to match their design choices and Moen is so confident about the technology that there are even versions without handles.

Selecting hot, cold or warm water is as easy as swiping your hand across a sensor. The default temperature and a preferred gesture scheme can be set in the Moen Smart Water app. The call is available in a variety of styles to suit homeowners’ design preferences.

Includes all features from smart call including motion control Moen’s previous callWith Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. There is an option to supply a certain amount of water with the right temperature (which can be great for the unemployed). There is also a “hand wash” command, which stops the flow of water for 20 seconds as you rub your fingers and palate. Additionally, you can monitor water consumption through the app.


This year, the app will offer integration with Moen’s other products as part of the Smart Water Network, including the faucet, a leak detector, flow smart water monitor and shutoff, sump pump monitor and . According to Moen, the system will help protect against problems such as extreme cold temperatures. The system will be able to take action automatically when it detects risks, such as notifying the homeowner and turning off the water.

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