Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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Nearly one in four of us live alone, but it can be difficult to deal with the financial and emotional stress of it all ourselves.

Jenny (27) from Leeds is hit by the ‘single penalty’ and is exhausted by trying to find ways to save money on a daily basis.

She is looking for tips on how to invest in the stock market, whether she wants to buy a property or rent, and how to alleviate the concerns about financial independence.

Podcast: solo flying with your finances

Claer Barrett gets tips on the finances of single life from podcaster Francesca Specter and blogger Iona Bain. Listen here

In this Money Clinic episode, presenter Claer Barrett joins’AlonementPodcast guru Francesca Specter, who fights single life, and Iona Bain, a personal finance author and founder of the Young Money Blog.

If you want to be a guest at Money Clinic and talk to Claer about a money issue that is bothering you, contact us – our email address is and you can follow Claer on Twitter and Instagram @ClaerB.

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