Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

When we asked listeners to get in touch if they wanted expert advice on get a salary increase, we are overwhelmed with your messages.

In today’s Money Clinic podcast, we try out three different payment issues. Natalie is still beaten back when she asks for a raise; Max is targeted by headhunters and knows he can be paid more elsewhere; and Charlotte tries to negotiate a bonus that really matches the effort she puts into her job.

Podcast: How to Request a Salary Increase

Claer Barrett and guests discuss the thorny issue of how to get the salary increase you deserve. Listen here

Isabel Berwick, presenter of the FT’s new Working It podcast, and Jonathan Black, the FTs Dear Jonathan columnist and head of Oxford University’s career service, provides expert advice and practical next steps that any listener in a similar situation would appreciate.

Led by presenter Claer Barrett, they talk their listeners through the do’s, don’ts, tips and tricks to get the pay you think you’re worth. This is one podcast you can not afford to miss!

Want to be a future guest on the show and discuss a money issue that bothers you? Email us at or contact Claer on Instagram and Twitter: @ClaerB.

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