Monitor’s ‘Truth Quest’ puts DLC players up against new top predators

Later Shark-infected You are the season of dissatisfaction, Coastal town, Port Clovis Suburban residents feel safe returning to the water, but it’s time to show them Exactly how wrong they are. TripWire Interactive’s 2020 Cult Hit, Monitor, Back with “Truth Quest” DLC featuring new evolution, enemy and exploitative territories. With so much to hunt for, you rarely have time to smell the blood in the water.

Monitor: True Quest Where the real game was left – our fearless bull shark hero swims in the high seas after sending his mother to the oppressed hunter Scaly Pitt who killed him. However, without mentioning the toxic and electrical attacks that the players achieved during the initial campaign, the Bone Armor defense system has attracted the attention of conspiracy theorists around the world, including the sharply unchanged YouTube star, Trip Westhaven. When he settles on the water around Port Clovis – and the followers visit, you have to do what the bull shark would do best: eat your way to the top of the food chain.

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