‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is the best blend of feudal Japanese culture

Residents of Kamura who kill dangerous monsters known as hunters have ninja-inspired costumes as their default starting gear, which can be replaced by various armor made from carved parts of defeated monsters. There are hunters Kunai And Shuriken, Which are small sharp throwing weapons used by ninjas, stuck to their clothing. Capcom incorporates elements of ninja design from around the world Emergence Because the team thought the concept would be easy to understand, since Ninja is well known through the world’s best manga and anime.

Travel and rediscover food

The ninja motif extends Traversal In Rise of the Monster Hunter E.g. One of the biggest aspects of the game is its verticality. The hunters are equipped with warbags, which can be used to propel them forward, start jumping on top of the wall, and suspend them in the middle. This type of movement is popular in the earlier media. For example, from the software’s 2019 title Sekiro: Twice the shadow dies The stud took verticals away from other studio titles, allowing players to scale larger buildings. Bloodstains And Dark Souls. In addition, AxisIts main character, Wolf, has a shaking hook with Hunter’s warbugs Emergence. Ninjas is known for being fast, so we’ve added a bit of nimbal motion for fun activities, such as wall running and wear of warebags, ”says Achinos.

Another way to travel in the game is the new Palamut Kainine. Hunters can drive monsters across vast and open battlefields without using any stamina. Dogs have long been a part of Japanese culture in the real world and it was a good hunting partner not only in Japan. The AkitaIn Japan, for example, feudalism protected royalty and aided in the hunting of wild prey. Very popular Shiva Inu Breeding can drive out smaller animals and prey on wild boar but is now known mainly as a great companion pet in Japan. Echinos added that “misery was introduced Emergence Kainin mate, so we’ve attached the hunting dog elements, and they’re reliable friends who will support your hunt together with Palikos. “

Palico flines, introduced in the first Monster Hunter: WorldCome back inside Emergence E.g. They can play a variety of support roles during wartime but are probably best known for their extreme elegance in the kitchen. In the village of Kamura, there is plenty of Japanese food like Moshi, candy apples and onigiri. Palicos can be seen The cobbler is kicking, Which is used later Dango Recipe (Sweet rice stalks popular in Japanese cuisine)

Food is a big part of the gameplay and the overall world building Rise of the Monster Hunter. In the kitchen area, players can select three-piece dango. Each piece provides a buff for the Hunter, whether additional resistance to certain elements such as fire and electrical damage or rapid HP recovery while swinging.

Players who will wear scarves as opposed to extravagant multicourse meals Monster Hunter: World, Which includes foods such as steaks and vegetables, the dangos were chosen to make the experience easier Rise of the Monster Hunter. “Dangos were a perfect fit, as they are a familiar part of Japanese food culture and can represent different flavors and appearances on a single menu,” explains Achinos. The team wanted to keep the system simple and easy to understand, so Status combines a variety of foods to maximize efficiency effects. The world Removed.

The monsters are based on the Japanese Yokai and Oni

When it comes to real monsters, Rise of the Monster Hunter Do not be discouraged this entry is inspired by the new monsters introduced They And YokaiWhich is the monster and the spirits in Japanese folklore, respectively. The flagship monster, Magnamalo, for example, has a face that resembles a samurai Male-Euroi Face mask. Echinos says that Magnamalo contains elements of a ghost of armed fighters, devil fire and a motif of a tiger, as well as purple gas rising from his body after eating other monsters.

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