Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Four years later Monument Valley 2 Injury And , Usto Games has added a new chapter. Developer The contribution of “The Lost Forest” is playing for the Playings Green Game Jam, which encourages tree conservation.

The chapter contains “four intimate scenes” and Usto hopes that acting through them will inspire people to sign. To show their interest in forest protection. Play4Forests is an initiative run by the United Nations Climate and Forest Partnership and Playing for the Planet Alliance. The goal is to work with key names in gaming to highlight the “importance of forest conservation and restoration”.

“Our forests, one of our best allies in dealing with climate emergencies, are under increasing threat.” Play4Forests website Fall. “Your voice can help secure a better future for the forest and the people.”

It may seem unusual at first to bring in extra content like a game Monument Valley 2 Four years later, but there is an admirable reason for this particular case. Tiny wings, A popular iOS title a decade ago, , So such a long gap between a mobile game release and more content just can’t be heard.

For the future of the series, Usto announced in 2019 , But nothing has been said yet about the release date.

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