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That’s when we wait for the news The first test aircraft of the Mars helicopter, Elon Musk and SpaceX closed with a big win this week, Score an agreement with NASA to use the starship as a lander for the Artemis Lunar program. The company beats (Which connects with key astronauts such as Lockheed Martin) and to protect the defense contractor’s dynamics. .


There are still funding hurdles to clear whether NASA plans to fly as scheduled, but the missions are still several years away. In the near future, Apple’s Spring Load event is scheduled to be held on Tuesday and You should know of Chris Velazko’s rumors before they start. The new iPads and iMacs seem like safe bets but we’ll see if there are any big surprises in a few days.

– Richard Lowler

A pair of Pair 500 Sonos Five speakers will work for music lovers but there are cheaper options.

Eco Studio

As the market explodes, there is a device that always listens for an awake sound. They may be involuntarily active by sending personal recordings to exclusive entities for analysis. Even at best, providing more personal information to Amazon, Apple and Google can be a questionable decision. That said, all of these companies make it easier to manage how your data is used – you can select people by reviewing some of your voice queries, and managing and deleting your history with a variety of digital assistants is less complicated.

The good news is, there’s never been a better time to get a smart speaker, especially if you’re a music fan. For all their convenience, the original Amazon Echo and Google Home devices didn’t sound good. Sonos, on the other hand, has made great-sounding WiFi-connected speakers, but they lack any voice-controlled smartphones.

Now everything has changed. Sons is adding support for both Alexa and Google Assistant to its latest speakers. Google and Amazon have already made significant improvements in sound quality with recent speakers. Even lower-end models like the Echo Dot and Nest Mini sound better than the previous iteration. With the growing popularity of these speakers, there are now more options than ever before. Nathan Ingraham can walk you through different price points and the best choices for different uses.
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Google’s Nest Audio and 20 more.

Nest smart speakers


This week Amazon has rolled out a bunch of deals on new gadgets, including the Echo Show 10 and Google’s Nest Hub. The former went down to an all-time low The latter, however, has a 20 per cent discount like various retailers And . The AirPods Pro is now over 50 50 off right now , And Amazon Prime members can only hold Fire TV stick lights .

You can still snag today that all the best deals of the week are here and remember to follow Twitter for more updates.
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NVIDA gives big bet on ARM, Surface Laptop 4 comes

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This week, chat about Cherlin and Devendra . Turns out RV Chips is going to be a much bigger deal for NVIDA! Also, they have recently announced discussions And Microsoft’s . And we spend some time with Cherlin .

Listen , , , Or .
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If you can afford one.



Two years after the CES debut, LG’s OLED R TVs are finally available in the US – or, at the very least, now have a purchase inquiry on the OELD R Product page for US residents. The website does not mention US pricing, but it costs 100 million KRW in South Korea. At current exchange rates, this is about ,000 89,000.
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The new shortcut makes it even easier to refine your search results.

Google’s new search shortcuts help speed up your search. Now, when you’re on a results page, you can simply click “” to expand the search field and add more words or modifiers. This feature adds tab accessibility shortcuts, highlighting links so you can open websites without relying on a mouse or trackpad.
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Again, Asus delivers a ton of power at a decent price.

Asus Jefferies G15

Devindra Hardware / Engadget

According to Devindra Hardware, “Jefferis G15 has practically everything in a solid gaming notebook without breaking the bank for me. It is relatively light, powerful and much cheaper than other premium notebooks.”

Zeferas G15 is currently With the RTX 3060 and 16GB of RAM it has a Rigen 9 and a faster 1,440p display which is not too bad to consider. Our review unit RTX 3080 with max-key and 32GB RAM.
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