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If you are looking forward to the next generation of gaming laptops, Intel is finally ready to deliver. The Its eleventh-generation H-Series mobile processors were meant to be ultraportable, but not really for heavy processing. So welcome Another family 11-Gener H-Series Chips! According to Intel, this promise will improve speed by 19 percent compared to the previous generation. And just like the less powerful H-Series lineup (which has been dubbed the H35 by Intel due to their low temperature), the new chips have the company’s 10nm, offering a major upgrade from the previous 14nm architecture offering improvements in efficiency as well as gains that speed.


As per tradition, all major laptop manufacturers starting from ASUS The king, There were new models to showcase Intel’s new chips. Alienware can create the biggest splash with a new cooling system. New X series Will use a new thermal interface element (TIM), probably a pad instead of a paste, called Element 31. , “Alienware says. There’s a new quad-fan design (patent pending) to keep things running fast but cool.

And if you haven’t found the bleeding end of the laptop, we’ve got a new guide for it .

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Tech giants want to fund American domestic chip production

Apple, Google and Microsoft are some of the new alliances.

Speaking of chips, U.S. technology companies want to help the federal government fund domestic chip production, as the CVD-1p epidemic continues to cripple chip supplies despite high demand. Carriers such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft and IT & T and Verizon have formed semiconductors in the U.S. Coalition to raise money for chips recently adopted by U.S. law. These greenlit incentives for domestic chip production and research but alas, do not provide the necessary funding. Surprisingly, these are not like the big technology companies For Now. Continue reading.

Selling ads on free ad-supported streaming is obviously good business.



In 2015, VGO filed for an IPO and we got details of its great plan to make money from viewer data and ad sales through smart TVs. Then a messy interaction with LeEco interrupted things, but here we are, in 2021, finally acting as a VGO publicly traded company and publishing its first quarterly financial report.

Effective published in the last three months, Profit from Platform + Business – which included advertising and visitor data – was 4 38.4 million, bringing it closer to profit from their hardware sales, which was $ 48.2 million. VGO says it now has 13.4 million active smartcast accounts, with viewers spending 52 percent of their viewing time on smartcast inputs. It also launched 32 new free streaming options last quarter and plans to continue to push those channels as it partnered with brands to sell targeted ads. Continue reading.

Maybe this will help your smart lightbulb talk to your smart dishwasher.

Project Connected Home Over IP (Project CHIP) is now known as Matter. The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization of hundreds of device makers, including giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, announced the rebuild on Tuesday. All these companies came together to work at CHIP in 2019 in the hope of creating an open smart home standard by connecting all their individual devices.

Even if you’ve never heard of a project chip, you may already have compatible hardware inside your home. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, as well as Ethernet, WiFi, Thread and Bluetooth LE will support for Matter connection during launch. The thread is not as well-known as the others, but the fake networking technology includes Google’s Nest Hub Max and Nest WiFi, as well as Apple’s Homepod Mini and the new Apple TV 4K. The first few devices featuring Matter branding will go on sale by the end of 2021. Continue reading.

However, there is no guarantee.



We mentioned in yesterday’s TMA that it was a Some struggle Get new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. The latter is making a concerted effort to get the console to its biggest fans with its largest console purchase pilot program. If you already have an Xbox One and you’re an Xbox Insider, you’ll be able to register to reserve a new series X or S

There’s no guarantee you’ll actually get one, but, hey, it offers some hope. Continue reading.

SoundControl is the first FDA-approved set you can buy directly.

Bose is diving into hearing for the first time. Its soundcontrol device is the first FDA-clear hearing aid to sell directly to customers.

There is plenty of Bose Tech to play. A custom tune feature in the companion mobile app can personalize volume levels, tone, triple and bass for your ears in 30 minutes. You can increase the quiet sounds to avoid strain or highlight the vocal frequency by listening to the people around you better. Bose will begin selling SoundControl from May 18 in several states, including Massachusetts, Montana, Carolinas and Texas. At 50 850. More spacious rollouts will follow. Continue reading.

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