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April 1st is a tough day for any kind of serious announcement, so when Casio Has announced that it is plugging in Google’s Ware OSK to the iconic G-Shock, We were reasonably skeptical. However, this is no joke – the GSW-H1000 is part of Casio’s Rugged G-Squad Pro lineup, with several sports features.


As well as its Brahmanu build of titanium backing, shock resistance and water resistance below 200 meters, it is filled with sensors and it is the first G-Shock watch with a color LCD screen. A big downside is the 1.5-day battery life with color display, although it extends up to a month in “multi-timepiece mode”. The GSW-H1000, which is not original or funny, will choose three colors (red, black and blue) for colors 700 in mid-May.

– Richard Lowler

Other magnetic items include a mount for use in the gym and a 2,500mAh battery pack.



Now that iPhones have magnets, what can you do with them? For Belkin, the apparent answer is a robotic iPhone mount that will look at your face as the phone moves around you. That said, the face-tracking feature only works with Belkin’s app – you can’t use the mount with Zoom or FaceTime, and it lets you Can expect to follow around.

If this restriction doesn’t bother you, note that the $ 65 device is compatible with official magsaf and with links to social networks.
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Everything old is new again.

Reports that Amazon is exploring the idea of ​​opening discount stores or outlets selling blank sales or home products. “It’s a way to clean warehouses and get through inventory without destroying it,” said one of the Bloomberg Source Dr. Due to the impact of the epidemic on brick-and-mortar retail, Amazon has now dropped the idea, as well as just launched it. Chain and wanted to focus on that.
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As well as ‘Yasuk’ and ‘Run’.



With the start of the new month comes a long list of fresh content to check out on Netflix. Top of the parent company slate this month Shadows and bonesWhich transformed the series into Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling fantasy novel. The show was penned and produced by Eric Heiser Arrival And Bird box Fame and will start streaming from April 23rd. Next week, viewers can choose between a Dolly Parton tribute documentary and Thunder Force, A new superhero movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.

Finally, on April 30, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will follow their hit film Spider-Man: In the Spider-verse With other animated features, Mitchell vs. machines.
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Virtual set technology continues to evolve.

The weather

The weather

In a new video behind the scenes, Visual Effects Studio Industrial Light & Magic details the technological advances it has made to match its two seasons. Mandolarian.

To begin with, it makes Stagecraft’s LED stage even bigger and managers expand the practical sets into new shapes. “During the second season, ILM created some software that was specific to this technology and how the hardware was capable,” said Jon Favreau, the series ’host. One of these improvements is the Helios, the in-house rendering engine ILM built to get the volume

With the second season, the tool gives the production team more control over the set, enabling them to manipulate virtual items on the fly based on what they show on camera. It created a memorable scene from last season that added new smoke and water effects that were simply not possible before.
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