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We’ve seen humans and animals control computers with their minds before, but it’s still a bit of a surprise to watch the latest video from Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Nine-year-old Macau has been shown playing pong without using a joystick. Neuralink said that He is controlling the paddle through its N1 Link neural recording and data transmission device..


The company says it differs from previous technologies in that it can connect more than a thousand electrodes and interface wirelessly to a computer without the need for a physical connector through the skin. It’s not yet ready to be tested on humans, but Elon Musk is already tweeting how future versions will enable paralytics to walk again. Perhaps this is true, but let us see if you can overcome this oppression Regulatory flow First

– Richard Lowler

This includes future Marvel movies about characters like Venom and Spider-Man.


Sony pictures

Starting in 2022, new Sony movies will go exclusively to Netflix following their theatrical and home entertainment windows when they go on sale via VDAD and Blu-ray.

Reported to be 1 billion over five years, the deal will cover upcoming blockbusters Morbius And UnprotectedAs well as its sequel Spider-Man: In Spider-verse And “Future installments of Venom and Spider-Man.” (Like the 2021 release Venom: Let it be Cornelius And Spider-Man: No way home Not a part of this agreement.)
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What features do you really need?

Logi cam

There are plenty of options for baby monitors these days. So Amber Bowman has been wearing it over the past few weeks to test different smart video-enabled models and to see how the hardware is capable, and what features the software provides.
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When cleaning space trash.



“Astronomers – and casual viewers of the night sky – must anticipate a future that will include several thousand relatively large satellites of the population of low-Earth orbits,” warned Jonathan McDowell at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. 2020 study. “The effects will be significant in certain types of observations, specific observations and at certain times of the year.”
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Affected units were sold from April 2017 to March 2021.

Verizon Jetpack


If you have an ellipsis Jetpack Verizon’s (Engadget’s parent company) mobile hotspot, you may want to check it out now. There are careers Issue a recovery For 2.5 million Jetpack mobile hotspots after receiving 15 reports that the device has been heated. In six of these the device caused fire damage to the bedding or floor, and in two of these cases there were minor burn injuries.

You can use it if you absolutely need to, but the carrier lists a few steps you should follow to protect yourself. First, to get two Air-the-Air software updates you should plug it in after switching it which enables the identification number to appear on the screen and prevents it from being plugged in and powered on

Verizon will replace your device for free, but you will need to contact the carrier to get one and get the return envelope for your old hotspot. You can call 855-205-2627 from 8am to 10pm ET to process the return or do it online through the carrier officer Ellipsis Jetpack recovery page.
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Plus dual battery and two USB-C ports.

Legion Dual


The new Ligan phone Dual 2 retains the original focus for landscape use, but it doubles in controls by adding a total of eight virtual keys to bring the gamepad feel closer.

Its “octa-triggers” include four ultrasonic shoulder keys, two rear and two in-display touchpoints, as well as a center-mounted CBU and dual fans to keep heat out of your hands while you’re playing.

These are paired with a 720Hz touch sampling rate (more than double the reactivity and accuracy given) Asus RG Phone 5 And Nubia Red Magic 6). Lenovo says the setup is designed to match a gamer’s natural grip when held horizontally, allowing you to perform more actions in battle while calculating speed.
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Important ingredients are in short supply.

According to Nikkei is Asia, Apple has delayed production of some MacBook and iPad models, affecting the electronics and automotive industries due to the lack of electronic chips. Nikkei said the chip shortage has not yet had a clear impact on product availability for consumers and remains a problem in the supply chain.

Tim Cook said Apple’s iPhone production was not affected by the shortage of semiconductors Reuters Back in January that iPhone 12 Pro model ran into supply constraints. Nikki Sources echoed what the chief executive said, telling the publication that the supply of parts for a few iPhones was “quite tough”.
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But wait, there’s more …

Rumors claim that Samsung will make OELD TVs with LG panels next year

The Boston Dynamics spot robot tested in combat training with the French Army

A Mustang Mach-e bug with an empty 12V battery stuck cars in a ‘deep sleep’

Microsoft is finally releasing a 64-bit version of OneDrive for Windows

Facebook went down on Thursday with WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus

China has blacklisted supercomputers for US military assistance

‘Hello: Master Chief Collection’ now supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox

‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’ to be re-released in HDR on June 7

HMD has rebuilt its Nokia smartphone lineup with six new affordable models

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