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TCL unveiled on Wednesday Several replacement level midrange phones, But we’re going to focus entirely on its latest prototypes. Fold fold roll dub, It combines two mobile technologies that no one understands how to use very well.


The Fold ‘n Roll starts out as a fairly conventional looking smartphone with an 87.8787-inch display, but it exposes the Mate X-Style to a smaller, square tablet that measures 8.85 inches in a triangle and then rolls the screen further away from its housing. Comes in full 10 inches.

Is this idea possible, or even necessary? The answer is unclear, and since it’s on the way to TCL’s previous tri-fold tablet prototype, we probably never know.

– Richard Lowler

If you can afford one.



And speaking of rolls, two years after the CES debut, LG’s OLED TVs are finally available in the US or are not mentioned on the US pricing website, but in South Korea it costs 100 million KRW. At current exchange rates, this is about ,000 89,000.
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The experiment began two years later.

For the latest test on Instagram, beta group users will have the option to hide the counts from their own posts (so that their followers don’t see them) or hide the counts in the posts from everyone else (effectively trimming the counts as a full feed). Users’ preferences may appear naturally, which could be a response to widespread criticism when Instagram briefly and “unintentionally” returned the feature to many more people last month.
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It also has some security fixes, so update ASAP.

In March, Google announced by default on HTTPS version 90 that it improves the most commonly used protocols, privacy and security – no one wants to spy on browsing habits without using built-in FLOC technology – and improves sites that support it. Initial loading speed.

Now the 90 version is here and with HTTPS default it has added a new AV1 video encoder that can improve the quality of your video conferencing calls.
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And I mean literally – single – books.

The rise of biosound

Bang and Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is known for its unique design in audio gear. With its new product, the company has already taken inspiration from something on your shelf – a book. Biosound Emerge is a sleek smart speaker with all the features and connectivity you can ask for, including AirPlay 2 and Chromecast support. In true B&O fashion, the device is made with premium materials like oak, woven fabric and aluminum.

The price will match that of the new LG Rollbell LED: the gold tone version of the Biosound Emerge is the Emerge 899 (€ 749 / £ 669), while the Black Anthracite model is the 699 (€ 599 / £ 539). Both will be available in B&O retail stores in some European markets on April 15, with a global launch planned for this fall.
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Lots of camera techniques.

Sony Xperia


Last year’s Xperia 1 II may have been a mobile photographer’s dream come true, but it was perfect – it didn’t have 5G in the US to launch. With an array of imaging sensors at play, the 12-megapixel telephoto camera could be Sony’s most influential this year.

The company claims that the first third phone with “third” optical zoom – it removes the telephoto lens components inside the phone, not just relying on digital zoom tracker. New this year on the Xperia 1 line is full-fledged real-time object detection, which relies on time-flight cameras and some effective algorithms to track better things in motion. The big question remains: how much will Sony’s latest smartphone cost?
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Lots of camera techniques.


The Sony A1 is the most powerful mirrorless camera ever built and it should be for $ 6,500. It’s an impressive display of Sony’s technical prowess, giving us a taste of what will come with our future mirrorless lineup. But for $ 500 you can buy both Sony A7S III and A7R IV. The camera is shamelessly aimed at professional shooters, but according to Steve Dent, high-result video also has enough 8K power to make it possible.
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