Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Akhannouch’s RNI was the largest party in the parliamentary elections in Morocco and took 102 of the 395 seats.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has appointed Aziz Akhannouch, of the National Rally of Moroccan Independents (RNI), as prime minister and asked him to form a cabinet, according to state media.

The report by the state news agency MAP came on Friday after the liberal RNI emerged as the largest political party in the country Wednesday’s parliamentary electionwith 102 of the 395 seats. The former largest party, the long ruling Party for Justice and Development (PJD), suffered a crushing defeat and took only 13 seats.

Akhannouch, a billionaire businessman, described the results as “a victory for democracy, its spirit and its rules”.

His party has promised to create a million jobs to boost the economy following the coronavirus pandemic, extend health insurance to all Moroccans, raise salaries for teachers and provide a guaranteed pension for the elderly.

More to follow.

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