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Motorola launched a pair of Edge phones in 2020 that were different for their “waterfall” display. But it wasn’t Chief Which we both liked. Instead, we were influenced by More modest edges. It wasn’t perfect, but you’ve got plenty of phones for the price. So it’s not surprising that this year Motorola apparently avoided the Edge + and focused on more affordable models. But what comes as a pleasant surprise is how much improvement 2021 edge Is. The most important of the updates is a 144Hz screen, a feature that is usually reserved for top-level phones. When you add the promise of a better fingerprint sensor, superior camera and longer software support, the 2021 Moto Edge is a phone that should look good.


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The 2020 Edge was defined as having the same 7.-inch curved “Endless Edge” LED display as the more expensive Edge +. This year, Motorola has introduced a flat 6.8-inch LCD that makes this new model easier to use. If you don’t have a rounded edge to touch the palm of your hand, you don’t have to worry about accidentally tapping an icon or swiping to another part of your home screen.

Edge (2021)


  • A flat and fast 144Hz display
  • Two days battery life
  • You will now receive two years of software support


  • Poor Heptics
  • There is no headphone jack and a single tiny speaker
  • Medium ultra-wide-angle camera
  • There is no wireless charging

In addition to the more practical design, the panel is faster than last year’s model. It can refresh from 90Hz to 144Hz by 2020AJ. Like Samsung and Apple phones, the panel defaults to an adaptive mode, which limits the refresh rate to 120Hz. Two additional options lock the display at 144Hz and 60Hz, allowing you to prioritize performance or battery life. I like to push the panel to 144Hz, because I’ll enter in a moment.

Moto Edge

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On paper, the 144Hz panel is an impressive feature that sets the new Moto Edge apart from phones in its price range. OnePlus Nord 2 And more expensive devices like this IPhone 13 Pro. The tradeoff is that it’s a phone with an LCD screen, so you’re missing out on the benefits of the OLED display offer, which includes deeper black and better power efficiency.

The Moto Edge’s 144Hz screen presents some issues I haven’t seen on other devices. With the default adaptive mode enabled, it does not always render animations at the same speed. For example, sometimes I would scroll through Instagram and my timeline would be in the air as expected. Other times, it seemed that the same action would be driven at 60Hz. I suspect that this is a problem for the software Motorola to dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 60Hz and 120Hz. We asked Motorola for comment.

The Motorola Moto Edge is photographed standing on the edge of a pond on the road, the reflection of which is visible on the front.

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Locking the display to 144Hz helped solve this problem, but there were still some moments where I saw little hitching. The faster panel makes the Moto Edge smoother and more responsive, but don’t expect the same seamless experience you get on a more expensive device Galaxy S21 And iPhone 13 Pro.

Another thing I would like to note is that Edge’s 144Hz display doesn’t necessarily make it great for gaming. If a developer doesn’t go out of their way to update a game for Moto Edge’s display, as Epic Games did Fortnite Upstairs OnePlus And Samsung device, You won’t see any benefits from the quick panel.

Beyond the fast refresh rate, there’s a lot more to the Moto Edge’s display. It’s vibrant, bright and supports HDR10, but there are some things that can annoy some people. Outside the box, the screen is set to a saturated color mode that overbacks sRGB content. You can change this to a “natural” color setting to make photos and videos look more realistic. I recommend playing with the color temperature settings since my unit was very warm with the display.

Moto Edge

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You will also love or hate the Moto Edge’s 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. Extra real estate is great for scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and other vertical apps but unstable in terms of video content. I watch a lot of guides and gameplay videos Diablo II: Resurrected On YouTube, and it quickly becomes clear that there is no ideal way to take 16: 9 content on a 19.5: 9 display: you might leave the picture and accept the fact that there is a thumb value wasted space at each end. Screen, or you use the zoom functionality from the tweak of YouTube to crop the image. The 19.5: 9 aspect ratio can be too long for some people to use with one hand.

If you don’t mind, the Moto Edge is a great media spending device. That said, you’ll want to use Bluetooth headphones to watch movies or TV. This year’s model has only one single speaker that seems cool and unsatisfying. Oh, and there’s no more headphone jack here, just a few steps down from last year’s model.

Other upgrades

Motorola Edge

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Motorola has made two more significant changes. First, it replaces the Phoenix in-display fingerprint sensor found in last year’s model with a capacitive scanner attached to the new phone’s side-mounted power button. The company has moved the camera cutouts to the center of the screen, making selfies and video calls more normal. But it is the conversion to a traditional theatrical fingerprint scanner that has the most impact.

Wherever I live, masks are still mandatory on public transport as well as in shops and restaurants. From inputting my passcode whenever I unlock my iPhone or paying for something, the Moto Edge works like buying a Crescent at a coffee shop, well, normal. The sensor also works well; It’s fast and accurate and didn’t have to register the same fingerprint multiple times so it could work effectively, which was a problem we had with last year’s model. If companies don’t learn anything else from the epidemic, I hope it’s the humble fingerprint sensor that will find a place on every phone.

Another feature of the Moto Edge is the battery life. Motorola says you can get up to two days from the phone’s 5,000mAh battery. This was possible when I limited the display to 60Hz. In our video rundown battery test, it lasted 19 hours 45 minutes, which puts it among the best of the phones we tested. Only At pixel 5 Keep a good result, but it also features a more power-efficient OLED display.

The camera

2021 Motorola Edge

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Motorola has been able to improve the camera system at this year’s Edge, but not in the same meaningful way as the display. The 2021 model has three rear sensors: a 108-megapixel primary system with f / 1.9 aperture, an ultra wide-angle and a depth sensor.

Surprisingly, this is the primary camera that highlights. It can take stunning shots during the day and does an admirable job of storing Motorola HDR mode details. Especially in challenging scenes, the camera tends to blow up the highlights while the shadows look unreal. But when it accurately captures a scene, the results can be dazzling. The colors appear vivid and life-like, and the small details have almost an anatomical structure. Unfortunately, Motorola did not add OIS to the main camera, which means it can sometimes fight without a lot of light.

Gallery: Sample 2021 Moto Edge Camera | 23 pictures

The 32-megapixel selfie camera is also great. It takes lively shots that pop sharply and in detail. But again, the problem here is when you try to use the camera in a dark room or at night. Without OIS, the selfies I took in that situation have become obscure.

Motorola Edge

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Finally, there are the 119-degree wide-angle cameras that still seem like the most thought-provoking. It provides plenty of horizontal and vertical space but is almost useless without plenty of light. I used the camera extensively on a dark and cloudy morning, and most of the shots I took that day looked dirty.

I have used more wide-angle cameras for macro photography. Unfortunately, there are some usability issues in that mode. Focus hunting is a problem; It often takes multiple attempts to hold the camera in my case.

The camera app can be slow to turn on and off between lenses, which is one of the few areas where Edge’s Snapdragon 778G didn’t have a great display. My review unit came with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, though you can buy it up to 8GB RAM. Aside from the problem I noticed around the refresh rate, I didn’t read any other significant performance issues.

Let’s finish

Moto Edge

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A Motorola spokesman told Engadget that the company plans to support 2021 edge Including two OS upgrades and two years of security updates. This is a significant change from its predecessor, which has only received one Android update.

When you add it to all the hardware updates of the 2021 Edge feature, it’s a much more compelling phone than its predecessor and a simple recommendation. For now, you can get the unlocked 256GB model for 600. It will eventually cost 700. On October 14, Verizon will start selling the 5G UW variant which will go for 5 550.

At 600 600, the Moto Edge is a good option if you don’t sacrifice the quality of the camera and can live without wireless charging. That’s $ 150 more than a device At pixel 5, But you get a phone with a good display, fast processor and large battery. Even at $ 700, it still represents good quality compared to glasses such as devices OnePlus 9. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s still one of the best mid-range phones on the market.

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