Mumbai on lockdown as Indian vaccines are briefly discontinued Coronavirus Epidemic News

Drive to vaccinate 1.3 billion people in the country with 94 million shots supplied so far.

Maharashtra, India’s worst coronavirus-infected state, went into lockdown over the weekend on Saturday as the country struggled to contain the number of infections and the vaccine crisis.

After keeping an eye on spectators at huge religious festivals, political rallies and cricket matches, the world’s second most populous country has added more than a million new infections since the end of March.

After the lockdown caused widespread misery a year ago and hit the economy hard, the central government is desperate to avoid a second shutdown caused by widespread unpleasantness.

However, many states have tightened the system, especially in central Maharashtra and its capital Mumbai, where restaurants are closed and gatherings of more than five people are banned.

By the end of April every weekend, 125 million people in the state are now confined to their homes without shopping for food, medicine or travel.

“I’m not in favor of a lockdown at all but I don’t think the government has any other choice,” said media professional Neha Tayagi, 227, in Mumbai.

“This lockdown could have been completely avoided if people had taken the virus seriously.”

Cricket is now played behind closed doors, including the Big-Box Indian Premier League (IPL), which began on Friday – and a night curfew is in effect in many states, including the national capital, Delhi.

Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is under a 10-day lockdown where no one is allowed to enter the area unless the required services are provided.

The stock is short

The problem of vaccinating 1.3 billion people in India seems to be a serious problem, with only 94 million shots delivered so far and stocks running low.

As many as 25 private hospitals in Megacity Mumbai were out of supply on Thursday, city authorities said.

The situation at the government-run inoculation centers was not very good, with a huge field of one thousand beds on Friday to receive their first dose.

City authorities tweeted that the national agency had this shortage “due to lack of stock.”

The Times of India reported on Friday that according to the health ministry, the states had an average of only five days of reserves left, with some areas already in dire straits.

But the central government has accused some states run by the opposition of “misleading”[ing] Focus on their failures ”and play politics.

On Thursday, Megacity provided 25 jobs to 711 private hospitals in Mumbai [Punit Paranjpe/AFP]

“It is safe to say that there is a shortage of vaccines. Vaccines have been provided to all the states as per their demand, ”said Home Minister Amit Shah.

The chief executive of the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine maker by volume, has warned that production capacity is “extremely stressful”.

Poor countries, as well as some rich countries, have relied heavily on SIIs to supply the Astrageneca vaccine, but last month New Delhi imposed a brake on exports to prioritize domestic demand.

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