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Raw The highest number of reports so far has been made by players with positive mental health experiences, ”Lodz said. “We had some really touching reactions. 2020 was a stressful year, so lots of people were playing for comfort, but epidemic workers were also playing to help with the stress of the epidemic and even to help people grieve the loss of loved ones. It’s very rewarding for us to get this kind of feedback from the developers and it wasn’t really anything like our previous games. “

The game was created to create a state like Jane, Lloyds said she is particularly proud of the digital grass and how it navigates in the virtual air. They wanted this kind of satisfaction that you got by taking something untidy (in this case very long grass) and turning it into something clean and tidy. Also, you can’t lose. You can’t make a wrong turn, or ruffle a lawn, or break your lawn glass. It’s not challenging. It’s just a quiet distraction from life.

For me, in particular, the game is extra helpful because it is a departure from the ordinary minutes of my day. I live in the city and don’t have to worry about cutting a lawn – in reality, the lack of yard maintenance is a major reason I chose to live in a three-flat. It may seem strange that in real life I can deliberately avoid things that alleviate my anxiety, but there is a good explanation behind it.

The University of Massachusetts Memorial Psychology says, “Images can be a powerful tool for changing emotions. Puja Saraf. “We often imagine a relaxed place in our minds to stay away from the daily grind, and for city dwellers, imagining a green lawn can have just that effect. By simply creating a peaceful scenery in your mind, especially a green color, you can feel closer to nature which helps calm the nerves. In addition, the app is especially valuable if it mimics an experience that is not always available to you in real life or in the city, winter or workplace. Engaging in an activity outside of your normal day can be enjoyable because it creates novelty, interest, attracts you more and helps you shift attention from anxiety. “

I wonder, though, if actual cutting a real lawn would have the same effect? I haven’t done a raw one in years, and I can’t really remember if I enjoyed it or not. Shortly after Dad asked me to mow his lawn, I asked Jackman and Saraf questions. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. I used to go out and practice, things that already lift the mood. I’ll also get a sense of accomplishment, just like “the movies that Dad was cutting on Sunday, the lines got just right,” Jackman said. It will literally just be immersed, completely immersed. That being said, I’m lazy enough to not be able to climb on the riding lawn glass in my parents ’house, so instead I’ll continue the game.

Although there are potential problems with using the app for anxiety, both Pit Jackman and Saraf have noted that if I can’t manage my anxiety without it, it can become an unhealthy response for me. Dependence on the only aspect of anxiety relief is a problem in itself, they said. Also, I can only lose interest in the app. Although I can’t imagine a world right now where I don’t spend some time mowing the virtual lawns of my virtual neighbors, getting tired is a real possibility.

At least I know that if Just raw Ever lost its novelty and stopped helping me, I would probably be very happy to start cutting side lawn in the suburbs to start real lawn. Ah, whatever we do for peace.

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