My Tamagochi Pix is ​​drowning and it’s not my fault

There are cuts everywhere and my tamagochi is very unhappy, his sad, simple beep is beeping towards me until I clean it. And I’m trying. I select the “Clear” option and I keep backing up from the menu again and again until I finally get the right screen. Then it takes a few seconds (or even a minute) to swipe frankly on the device to clean the adorable cartoon tortoises. I’m with my second copper creature in a week Tamagochi Pix. The first died in a pile of his own pope.

Tamagochi Pix (. 60), Which ships next month, is the latest version of Bandai Iconic Virtual Pets. The turn of this bar is a camera on the back; The top of the unit is the shutter, basically a cracked shell id in the egg shell. Like Tamagochi On Previously, the unit was 2.5 inches taller than the Timogocchi handheld with a 1.5-inch LCD screen.

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The idea is that when you want to “explore” with your Tamagochi, you point the camera at the unit around you and it gives color samples from your environment and makes a new friend to meet with your animal. It matches the color of the device you show, so you can meet someone in green or red or yellow or blue. However, the camera isn’t great in the interior of the house, so I had a lot of patterned colors … brown. Brown blue and brown pink and warm yellow walnuts on my desk.

Another feature that uses the camera is the menu. Common options for fridges and restaurants but now they join the “cook”. You are instructed to point the camera at two different food items, although it does not have the computing power to determine whether what it is looking at is actually food. I pointed it to my desk and my laptop and the countless boxes around me to pull out blue and purple and other unnatural shades. You can save the food later or you have to feed it right there and later. Each new dish you collect will be added to the recipe list in your notebook.

It’s not my fault that you designed it badly!

Everything else Tamagochi supervising activities: playing in the yard, cleaning the house, bathing time and buying more items to visit the arcade or any store. There is a game phone but it is all fake virtual interaction; The Pix lacks Bluetooth or Infrared to communicate with other Tama units. From your game friends you will get fake social media likes which is a mess of sharing screenshots of twitch and one-button let me take some good pictures of my animals but I have no way to share them except showing my phone on the copper screen.

You might be wondering, for the most part it still looks like quite a typical timagocchi, but why the pop problem? OK, though the camera is a physical button, not the three front buttons…. Instead of the simple click A, B and C knobs, the unit has three depressions in the plastic cover which (I think) are supposed to be touch-sensitive. Except they are rather credible. I’ll try “B” to confirm a selection and instead try to reverse it from the menu or even go back completely

Tamagochi Pix

Chris Noudas / Engadget

The new button style is the one that lets the swap work. If you want to pet your copper, you can pet your thumb by sliding it backwards. To give the animal medicine, cover the screen and slide your hand upwards to ide and pop-scoop, you go to the “Clean” menu then swipe from right to left. Then swipe again because it didn’t work the first time. Then swipe Again Because it didn’t work a second time.

There were a few attempts to do something with my Tamagochi Pix, it was even more stressful when your little pet was giving you a brain beep. I’m trying, hold your little digital horse! It’s not my fault that you designed it badly! I really think the main idea of ​​Tamagocchi Pix is ​​to use color patterns to communicate your game activities (and something I’ve seen). Other recent toys). But these new buttons make it impossible to love this egg.

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