Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Nanolef Knows that its users sometimes want something more than that LED lighting panel Which stretches across their wall. That’s why the company is launching lines, a Backlight LED light bar series Which offers the same features as the previous products, albeit in a more elegant body. Each “line” is 10.96-inches (27.85cm) long, and can join its siblings at either end or at a 60-degree angle. The company says you can “draw your space with lines” by creating “grand geometric shapes” and “smooth linear layouts”.

But outside of the new style of design, it’s still the same nanolef setup that you already know and like, lets you draw with light. Each line has two color zones and you can plug in dynamic lighting scenes, sync with your music, and mirror colors to your computer’s display. In addition, the hardware will act as a thread border router that will help connect nearby smart gears that can use the same protocol. This is proof of the future, and will work with it Matter, A new protocol will be introduced next year.


Nanoleaf line is available Order today, With the 9-line starter kit you get 200 back, while a 3-line add-on pack will cost $ 80. It is expected that the products will start shipping home to the United States before the end of November.

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