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With millions of colors and lots of animated visual support, Nanolyf Lines can do whatever you want. They enchant most of them by cycling through the colors in a dark room, but they are quite versatile. I use daylight effects to brighten up my office during the day and survive the dark winter outside, then switch to the animated colors that flow at night.

The app isn’t the easiest, but it’s worth going into it to browse and download views. There are many options, and you can make your own. However I’ve spent a lot of time creating an unpleasant scene, so I suggest simply picking from the popular list on the Discovery tab.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use the Nanolife app much, because you can hook up lines with Google Assistant or connect to Apple’s HomeKit or Amazon’s Alexa through the home app. They also support IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings and can extend connections for it Thread device that acts as a thread router.

Smart syncing

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Compared to the cheaper alternatives, the one that improves the lines of nanolife is the polishing syncing ability. Once added to the original panel, the Nanolife Rhythm module is built-in, which means the lines can respond to any music playing in the room. This is great when you want a party vibe. The colors vibrate in time.

I set the lines on top of my desk and was excited to test the screen mirroring effect, which matches the color of what is on your computer monitor. For this to work you need to run Nanoleaf’s desktop app (this means it won’t work with your TV unless you use a PC or laptop with your big screen). But PC gamer It will get a kick out of it. It adds a bit more immersion and Razor fans will also be happy to see Razor Chroma support.

Nanolife lines look much brighter than shut-off, but they’re not as ugly as panels when you’re not using them. You will still need to consider whether matte white plastic (there are optional skins in matte black or pink for an extra $ 20) will fit your outfit. They don’t look out of place with a gaming setup, modern minimalist office, or anything Children’s room, But in some settings they will clash. Some extra options like wood finish can help them blend in with other rooms. Sadly, no matter where you put them, you’re stuck with a running power cord under the wall and it just looks messy.

At $ 200 for a starter kit with only nine lines and $ 70 for three expansion sets, these are very expensive. Probably the closest competitor, Govee’s glide light barStart at half price. But Nanoleaf’s Lines create beautiful lighting effects that ensure head-turning and work seamlessly with any smart-home setup. After spending a few weeks with them, I am sure they are the best offer of the company.

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