Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The woman wearing a backpack looks horribly short and narrow in front of a grassy hill.

A Backpack-toting The woman is going to look like a sunburned field of grass, shaking with a water bottle with a few drops left in it. Things will just feel right Light is deadly If he doesn’t pass another woman, he spreads out in a pile a few feet away, screaming in pain for help – and stares at her face, walking down the path to the past. Then We notice that he is following that path It is marked with pebbles and is only a foot wide, and we immediately realize that he is not planning to deviate from it, for no reason.

But why? What’s in there? Who made the path and where does it lead? Enough The information is disclosed Narrow, A brief Movies By writer, director and lead actor Anna Chazal. Shared by Shorts of the week, It unfolds on 10 minutes incredibly excited As we follow the protagonist across a landscape A false step is called indescribable punishment.

After the woman screams at the beginning, the cruel temptations just come out of there – oh, the cans of food that won’t reach the temporary Lasso Juest – and will soon create psychological horror so you can understand why the hiker decided to do what he did. We never have the good fortune to keep an eye on his every move – or what he wants, or what kind of revelation has given him so much power. But Chagall told the Short of the Week: “To me, horror is the key to realizing what is really important in our lives by removing unnecessaryness. I like stories in simple but imaginative premises that are communicated in a grounded, authentic way. I especially liked the idea of ​​playing with words – I was always fascinated by movies, especially horror, which is not afraid of silence.

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