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James Webb Space Telescope during testing in 2017.

James Webb Space Telescope during testing in 2017.
Pictures: NASA / native stover

Astronomer Lucian Wakovic has resigned from NASA’s advisory committee over alleged misconduct by the space agency to request the renaming of the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope. Was a NASA administrator at the time of Web19Those who helped in the S0 decadeHe persecuted LGBTQ workers.

It is safe to say that Lucian Wakovich, an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, is deeply disturbed at the moment – and for good reason. On September 2, the same day Wakovich was hit by a car, they learned that NASA had decided, the reasons were not clear, there were insufficient reasons to name the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). In response, Wakovich wrote a caustic Open letter NASA announced their resignation from the NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC), a resignation that took effect on 12 October.

For NASA, this represents a fatal loss. As a scientist, Wakovich contributed to our understanding of stellar activity and how Effect The atmosphere of potential habitable exoplanets and the potential for human activity on Mars. Walkowicz was even one Asteroids Naming them.

That Walkowicz wants to move on from NASA is completely understandable. James Webb (1606-1992) applied anti-gay policy to the US State Department and NASA, where he served as administrator from 111 to 18. 20 years ago. Earlier this year, a Application NASA was asked to name the next-gen telescope because of its involvement with the web Fear of lavender– A time when government employees were fired or forced to resign.

NASA responded by launching an investigation into the matter. The APAC asked NASA for an update, but the committee was told to wait for the outcome of the investigation, which the space agency described as “thorough.” Accidentally and with minimal details, NASA Announced September 2 No further action will be taken, the investigators said, adding that “there is no evidence at this time that there is a warrant to change the name.”

NASA was very submissive to the issue, only talking to reporters on the NPR (as well as I could) and refraining from making official statements. In their open letter, Wakovic described NASA’s decision to “silently email some selected journalists” as “flippant” and “pathetic.” Walkowicz writes that the sharp response speaks to the big problems in space:

It is clear from this choice that any promise of transparency and fullness was in fact a lie. It also seems clear that NASA would prefer a committee of Yes Men, a committee that NASA already planned to do, or perhaps annoy them about moderate amendments that don’t actually challenge NASA. It’s also clear that Shawn O’Keefe can only recommend James Webb as a telescope because he thinks it’s a great idea, funny people need to justify their opinions through an investigation.

Wakovich says they are not optimistic about the name change, especially current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. Opposes same-sex marriage Until 2013.

“NASA’s response to the space agency’s position on the rights of bizarre astronomers“ sends a clear message ”and“ it clearly tells me that NASA is not worthy of my time, ”Wakovich wrote. “They are upset that” there is very little insight into NASA’s own involvement in systematic persecution, “referring to the racial injustice described in the film. Hidden statistics.

“Of course, I’m not the first curious person to be actively discouraged from the NASA service,” Wakovich wrote, “but I’m not the first and won’t be the last to be expelled from NASA space, where obviously direct human opinion is valued and taken more seriously than human experience.”

Looking ahead, Wakovich says they will refrain from mentioning the Space Telescope its official name, and they are encouraging others to do the same. Meanwhile, the struggle Rename The telescope continues after Harriet Tubman.

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