NASA landed the Mars helicopter before its first pioneer aircraft

NASA Clever helicopter It is on top of its historic first aircraft. There are agencies Sure That’s it Perseverance Rover The UAV landed on Tuesday after the final four inches landed on the Red Planet ground on April 3rd. The only challenge right now is to place it on the flight itself, which happened on April 11th and could provide data the next day. Using solar cells requires extra time to efficiently charge its batteries.

The first ‘Trip’ will be a short 30-second hover of 10 feet to prove the aerodynamics of the helicopter. NASA is planning four more flights over a period of 30 days, including 90 seconds and a distance of 160 feet from the rover. Skills meant that Mars could fly in extremely low-density atmospheres, with gravity reduced and at extreme temperatures – paving the way for flight-based exploration into future missions.

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