NASA on Tuesday delayed the helicopter’s flight by at least 14 April

You’ll have to wait a little longer to see NASA’s Mars helicopter There are agencies in action Delayed The first plane of hijacking flew “no more than” on April 14 after an April 9 test. The high-speed spin test ended prematurely after a watchdog timer (meant to address technical issues) expired when the helicopter was transferred to its flight mode.

NASA stressed that the stimulus was “safe and healthy” and that it understood both what happened by reviewing the telemetry from the car and determining when the first flight could take place.

The initial flight took off at the end of April 11th. If the plan goes ahead, the flight will go from 30 feet to 10 feet. There are four more flights in the pipeline at intervals of 30 days in total.

This is clearly not what NASA wanted. The mission team has every incentive to be vigilant. This test will represent for the first time any force flying over Martin’s surface – a breakthrough here will pave the way for future flying explorers.

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