Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Alexa will be the first voice assistant available outside the world. There are Amazon and Lockheed Martin Published NASA will take Alexa into space Artemis I mission Will be launched after 2022. While that flight remains unchanged, companies are planning a “virtual crew experience” at NASA’s Johnson Space Center that will allow conversions between digital helpers and astronauts on mission control (including students and special guests).

It’s obviously more sophisticated than your Alexa Echo speaker. Alexa Orion will have access to the spacecraft’s telemetry data, answer “thousands” of mission-related questions, and even control devices such as cabin lights. Amazon has fined its algorithms for considering Orion’s phonology. Connection to space should not be a problem, either. The Alexa-carrying Callisto technology payload will allow both local voice control (even without Internet access) and access Deep space network To report from home.

Initiatives are not just about The right to brag Or bring one Star TrekLifestyle computer. Lessons learned from Amazon Artemis I will be used to improve Alexa for future missions and for everyday users, especially those without internet connection. The company is also adding new Alexa experience that will give you access to notifications for Artemis I telemetry, images, video (including launch livestream) and milestones of the original mission.

Amazon hopes to encourage the next wave of space explorers in this process. It is Introduction An Alexa program for astronauts that provides access to a virtual crew experience, a digital tour of the Johnson Space Center and access to a STEM course created with the support of the National Science Teaching Association and Mobile CSP. The move will certainly help Amazon burn its reputation, but it could be successful if it encourages more students to pursue a career in the space industry.

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