National archives will not be able to host Donald Trump’s tweets on Twitter

Shared in a statement Politico, Twitter said it would not allow national archives to view tweets sent from his িয়ালRialDonaldTrump account on his platform as president and communicate with them. The agency suspended the former president permanently after the US Capitol uprising in January following Trump’s sanctions. Try and bypass failed. The decision comes as the National Archives decided to work to create an online record of Trump’s Twitter missions, it has already done something with its accounts. Other officers These archives from previous administrations allow you to like and share those tweets.

A Twitter spokesman said: “While we have permanently suspended িয়েRealdonald Trump, the content from the account will not appear on Twitter as it was before or on archived administration accounts, unless the NRA decides to display the data as it is stored.” Politico. “Administrative accounts archived in the service are accounts that do not violate the Twitter rules.”

To be clear, this does not mean that Trump’s tweets will not have an official archive. Instead, you need to look at them Presidential Library website. In addition, the database that the National Archives and Records Administration is compiling will include more than 266,000 messages sent to Trump as president. Twitter has been labeled and deleted. This means that there is no official record of these messages yet – although they can be found elsewhere.

The issue of Twitter’s activities against Trump has been a divisive issue ever since the agency first banned him and will probably continue to do so. Earlier in the week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Empty A verdict that prevented Trump Blocking people Through his personal account. In his 12-page opinion on the verdict, Justice Clarence Thomas said it was unprecedented for organizations like Twitter to have “centralized control over so much speech”.

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