Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

NBA 2K22 Arcade version This is one of several games In the coming weeks. Its follow-up NBA 2K21, Which is also available on Apple’s game subscription service, includes a new mode called Association. You can be the general manager or head coach of an NBA franchise and bring your own team together by managing rookies, building business and finding free agents while managing the budget.

The game has modes with current NBA roster and fast matches, online multiplayer and blacktop, 3v3 street basketball options. In MyCAREER mode, you can create your own player with custom look, position, jersey number and style of play. You can run drills on a custom court to practice and level your player in MyCOURT mode. NBA 2K22 Arcade version The NBA’s 35th season of Tips Off will debut on the same date: October 1.

Elsewhere, a classic iPhone title is coming to Apple Arcade this Friday. In 2011 the first one-button game created waves where you control a bird that slides down a hill and flies into the air. This is one of those easy-in-concept, great-in-execution games that works so well on a mobile device. This will be a solid addition to Apple Arcade.

Looking further ahead, Apple has announced a sequel to the Tower Defense game Kingdom Rush Also on the way to service. You will protect your domain from dragons, human-sniffling plants and other deadly enemies. Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD, Which . It’s coming to Apple Arcade soon.

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