Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

With Of NBA 2K22 With the September 10 release date fast approaching, 2K has shared the first look of the game PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S versions. The publisher calls it a gameplay release, but it’s a showcase of what most developers have done with Visual Concepts Sony and Microsoft’s new hardware. Fortunately, the studio Has released a new courtside report Some details of the increase in gameplay that players can wait for when they choose the game next month.

To begin with, Visual Concepts says it has completely rebuilt shot contests and blocking systems, as well as made an important update on how the game manages defensive rotation. When it comes to taking a player to court, the studio promises strict controls that allow you to assemble new combos in creative ways.

But looking at some significant changes it looks like they are coming up with how the game manages to shoot. NBA 2K22 There will be a new shot meter that will change dynamically depending on the skill of the player you control and whether their shots are competitive. According to the visual concept, NBA 2K22 Shots will focus more on IQ. You will be more successful if you take the time to find an open teammate and take a smart shot. For players who like to drive in baskets, there is a new dunk style creator that will allow you to customize their dunk repertoire.

Beyond that improvement, women’s basketball fans can wait Many advanced WNBA modes. As everyone said, it looks like NBA 2K’s second PS5 and Xbox series X outing should be a good one.

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