Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The YouTube / NBC drama has officially ended. After reaching a tentative agreement to keep NBC Universal channels on YouTube TV, the companies officially resolved them despite Saturday afternoon. YouTube Wrote on his blog. “That means you won’t lose access to any of their channels, and YouTube TV will continue to offer a +5+ network for $ 7 …।. We appreciate NBC Universal’s willingness to work towards a deal, and we appreciate their patience as we work with them Discussed. For you. “

Disputes between networks and cable providers (or Internet TV services such as YouTube) are not uncommon, but a few issues have made this particular spot significant. For starters, YouTube TV will lose 14 channels, including major channels such as NBC, USA Network, Golf Channel, Bravo, CNBC and Telemundo. Due to the reach of NBC Universal, it would have been a big hit for YouTube TV.

It was a potential problem for YouTube TV that the service said it would reduce the price by $ 10 per month if it was not able to reach an agreement with NBC Universal. Fortunately for YouTube TV subscribers, nothing is changing, at least for now. It has settled its feud with NBC, but there is always another team on the network with whom YouTube will probably have to discuss much earlier.

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