Nepal’s PM loses confidence vote amid epidemic Nepal News

Rashtrapati Vidyalaya Devi Bhandari hopes Oli will ask her to lead the caretaker government after losing her crucial parliamentary vote.

Nepal’s prime minister has lost a vote of confidence in parliament and is trying to show that he has enough support to remain in office.

Nineteen MLAs voted in favor of Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli and 124 voted for him in Monday’s vote. A new rival party of 15 MLAs from his ruling party avoided.

President Vidya Devi will ask Bhandari Oli to lead the caretaker government, while parties in parliament will try to form a new government.

Oli did not immediately return a request for comment.

Oli’s Communist Party of Nepal won the election in late 2001 and was elected prime minister by parliament in early 2015. The split in his party in March had already weakened him, forced him to run a minority government, and this led to the emergence of a new division. Week

He sought a vote of confidence in an attempt to show that he had enough support to stay in power.

The Himalayan country was recently criticized for managing the Oli coronavirus epidemic as it released its largest number of new cases and deaths.

Authorities have imposed lockdowns in most parts of the country, with reports of hospitals emptying beds, oxygen and medicines, and this is likely to increase.

On Monday, the Himalayan country received a list of 9,127 infections in the new 24 hours, 27 times more than the number recorded on April 10. Official data showed that the total case load died at 403,794, according to official data

Oli became prime minister after his party won elections three years ago and merged with another Communist party made up of former Maoist rebels.

He was involved in a power struggle, but also a former rebel leader, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is also the party’s vice-president.

Despite previous divisions within the party, Ahli has refused to allow Dahal to lead the party or lead the party.

“He has created instability and is behind the crisis the country is facing now,” Dahal said. “He no longer has the confidence of parliament.”

Oli ordered the dissolution of parliament in December and announced new elections this year. The Supreme Court, however, reinstated Parliament and canceled the new election.

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