Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

It’s different Good year for streaming Nominations for the SAG Awards, but who and what has been selected are quite different this year. Netflix was still the most advanced with one or more Nomination For this in almost every category with multiple selections The power of the dog (Three) and Squid game (Iv) Individual consent for production as well Don’t look up, Passing And Halston. However, Apple has done particularly well this year – Ted Lasso When five got nominations Morning show Racked up four. Fucking And not fully released Macbeth’s tragedy Apple also burned the picture.

They also deserved other services. There were successes with titles like Amazon Being Ricardos And Tender bar, When Disney’s Empire feels its presence through nominations The Handmaid’s Tale And like the Disney + series Loki And Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Netflix Breaks a Cultural Boundary – Squid game The first The non-English series get a SAG nomination, not to mention the first Korean series. This isn’t entirely surprising given Netflix’s interest in creating blockbusters worldwide, but it’s significant considering how hard it was to crack these awards for overseas releases.

Theater- and TV-first elements still have a significant presence in SAG’s nominations. Nevertheless, it is clear that the partial return to the normality of entertainment had only a limited effect – streamed shows are still thriving in the current award landscape.

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