Netflix, Apple and Disney were big winners at the SAG Awards

There was no doubt about the streaming services Prioritize this year’s SAG Awards, And List of winners Who made it clear who won. Netflix, as you can guess, has translated 30 of its nominations for the top 30 on the board. Mother Rainy’s Black Bottom Both won for the lead male actor (late) Chadwick Bosman) And the top female actor (Viola Davis), when the overall movie cast went to the awards. Chicago trial 7. The online video giant also scooped up for two awards The crownWhen, Ozark And Queen’s Gambit One came home with a win.

Netflix is ​​not the only internet video giant in the mix. Apple wins male comedian award for Jason Sudekis in TV + series Ted Lasso. Disney will be happy as well Mandolarian Lifting stunt assembly prizes for comedy or drama series. Prefers relatively common expressions Threatening And Sheets Creek Was in the minority. This was obviously the year of the Internet – a fitting given by the epidemic (although not necessarily planned) ift

The results of a few of these productions were not entirely surprising Won the Golden Globe Just a few weeks ago the awards gave streaming services more reputation, and the movie could win the chance to claim an Oscar on April 25th.

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