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নেটফ্লিক্স কর্মচারী যিনি ডেভ চ্যাপেল বিক্ষোভের আয়োজন করেছিলেন শিরোনামের জন্য চিত্রটি পদত্যাগ করেছেনPictures: Robin Beck / Contributor (Getty Images)

One of the Netflix staff at the center Labor-led movement Comedian Dave Chappell has officially resigned from the company to get company answers for a string of perceived homophobic comments made by him.

On monday Tweet, Terra Field, who is a trans and weird-identity, wrote about his November 21 resignation that although he was “not happy that things turned out this way … I think this result is the best for all parties involved” Attached to the letter Medium Where Field explained that his decision to leave the company was b. Pagelles-Minor – another leader in Netflix’s Transgender Employee Resource Group, who Was pregnant When they were pruned.

However Netflix claimed in a statement at the time that the termination was “in response to the sharing [of] Confidential, commercially sensitive information outside the company, “Pagels-Minor strongly denied the allegations in an interview. The vulture. In his resignation letter, Field indicated his support for his fellow organizers, citing termination as one of the main reasons for his decision to leave.

“Shortly after dismissing BK for something I didn’t do and I don’t believe they did, I made a decision: dive or swim, I’m going to walk alongside BK. It was for many of us when they took the lead. Trans * erg, ”Field wrote in his blog post.

Employees’ reactions to Netflix spread through a number of comments initially heard Chapel’s latest special for the platform, Nearby, Where she identifies herself as a TERF (or “trans-exclusive radical feminist”) and repeatedly rejects the notion of a gender identity. Initially, some couples who took the shape of employees made different statements about specific content, which later turned into a full-blown rebellion as Netflix made a number of critical gags in response to the dissatisfaction.

First the platform Burning anger In the LGBTQ + community when it fired three of its own employees-They reacted by disrupting an executive-level meeting to address field-specific concerns, and then fired Pagels-Minor (all three of the suspended employees were eventually reinstated). Then, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Made bizarre decisions Double down Listening to his anti-defense trans feeling Chapel’s special, a memo emphasizes that “… the content on the screen does not translate directly to the real-world loss.”

Although Sarandos eventually retracted that statement, apologizing to employees for a “distorted” response that should have done more to acknowledge “a group of employees who must have been hurt and injured by our decision,” is still working. Was Stop working 20 October to focus on providing support and resources for the trans community Affiliated charities

While Netflix’s leadership has been relatively calm since the PR crash caused by Chappell Backlash, it is clear that the ripple effects – and the shocks – of the company’s initial response are still being felt.

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