Netflix ended Jupiter’s legacy, instead creating Supercrocks

Blackstar (Tyler Man) and Sheldon Simpson (Josh Duhamel) complete the superiline / superhero costume on Netflix's Jupiter Legacy

Chatted with Blackstar (Tyler Mind) and Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel) Jupiter’s legacy.
Fig: Netflix

Jupiter’s legacy Premier on Netflix Just a month ago, and the streamer has already decided to rap a wrap of the superhero series based on it Mark Miller And Frank Quilits Jupiter’s legacy Comics. This is not the end of this corner of Millerver; Instead, the property is pivoting in an ethnographic format that will explore other characters in it.

E.g. DeadlineWhoever had the scoop, explains it instead of continuing Jupiter’s legacy Appropriately, Netflix is ​​now “following an anthropological franchise in a vast universe.” Set the streamer’s live-action orientation Supercrocks, Which discovers the story of Millerworld’s super villains, as its next installment Jupiter’s legacy The stars of the story Jupiter’s legacyJosh has been released from their Netflix deal with Duhamel, Leslie Bib and Ben Daniels. “We’re sure we’ll get back to that later,” Miller told the trade without explanation, and the deadline notes which could mean “separate repetitions” for the series.

For this Supercrocks, If it sounds familiar – well, NAlready have An anime series Based Comics later this year by Miller and artist Lynil Francis Yu. This New announcement The series will be live-action and has been described as “Return to Earth” Jupiter’s legacy Super villain, con-arts, petty thieves with a rag tag tag, And the leg-breakers who are all in the band for the legacy of this century and the story of the most heinous crime ever. Seen in your life, ”which obviously sounds a lot more interesting than that Jupiter’s legacyOf Family drama staff. Since the series overlaps there is a chance Jupiter’s legacy The characters may appear on the show but that’s just speculation at the moment.

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