Netflix has released the new animated Ultraman movie

In this stylized animated render, Ultraman launches a spacious ray attack in his iconic cross-decorated pose.

Ready Ray Spamium Ray!
Fig: Susuburaya

Ultraman’s global plans just keep getting Huge and hugeProperly.

Tasuburaya Productions It has announced that it is teaming up with Netflix and Industrial Lite and Magic to create a completely original Ultraman Animated movies on Netflix are different from streaming services Current anime series. Directed by Shannon Tyndale and John Aoshima, the movie follows a young baseball superstar, Ken Sato, who returned to Japan to become the next Ultraman after acquiring the power of Ultra Warriors. But Ken has plans to become an anti-KAizu Superhero is shocked when he sees himself raising monster descendants of one of Ultraman’s deadliest enemies, forcing him to balance his life as a reshuffling superhero and impossible father with the Kaizu defense force.

This is the latest announcement as a supersized year suitable for Japan The most iconic giant hero, Who is celebrating his 55th anniversary. As well as the latest entry Tokushastu TV series, Ultraman trigger, Neo Genes Eviljilion And Shin Godzilla Co-director Hidaki Annor Shin Ultraman The movie is set to debut in Japan At the end of this year.

We’ll bring you more on Netflix’s bumper size plans Ultraman And when we learn them.

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