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A young fairy is peeking at some people from behind a box.

Screenshot: Nephlix

As worrying elves If sitting on a shelf, NetflixIts an upcoming series ElvesProduced by Stefan Zawarski and directed by Ronnie Ezra.iImagine a world where (a-Bar) Tiny animals hide in the dark, mysterious secrets in the jungles of Denmark where a family can travelLing during the holiday season.

This is probably because the family at the center Elves One vacation is that most of them don’t really pay attention when their car seems to be hitting … Something They do not understand when to go to their destination. Details are given in the first trailer, although the family car is drenched in blood after their accident, only the youngest daughter thinks to go back and see what the roadkill could be. What the girl finds when she returns to the scene of the accident is far from dead, even far from man.BBecause it’s small and helpless, she likes it, they think they can be friends. Naturally, though, the baby fairy she finds is merely a baby, and much less dangerous than the mature animals that eventually come in search of their offspring.

Elves‘The trailer suggests that the elves themselves will become one of the movie’s threats, but the family’s encounter in a small Danish village is almost certain to have something to do with why the animals are attacking humans. It’s hard to tell from the trailer who is really being wronged here, but it’s quite possible that the elves will be published as at least one. Bit They are more sympathetic than initially presented.

Elves Starring Sonja Stein, Milo Toke Bendix Campanel, Ann Eleonora Jগrgensen, Vivilil Sogard Holm, Rasmus Hammerich, Peder Thomas Pedersen, Lila Nobe,l and Lucas Loken. The series will air on Netflix on November 28.

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