Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Now that Netflix is ​​offering mobile games On Android, there is a long-standing question: when will iOS players join? Apple’s policy Bar all-in-one gaming service? The hard way, apparently. In his “Power On” Newsletter, BloombergIts Mark Gurman (with the help of developer Steve Moser) claims that Code has seen that Netflix will release all its games on iOS “personally” via the App Store. They won’t be downloadable and playable across all apps, Gurman added.

The main Netflix app will still offer access to the game catalog, but you will only launch a separate app when you tap a game. This is how it currently works with Android, but Netflix’s Android app has the option to fold games. On iOS, there will be no alternative but to make the games available separately. Apple requires that each game in the App Store receive a separate screening, even if it is only available through the cloud.

You can see this in the light of Apple’s approach, but it still hints that Netflix will have to make some compromises if it is going to bring mobile games to iOS. It also points to the growing rivalry between Apple and Netflix, as Gurman explains. The two are competing on a growing number of fronts, starting with gaming Streaming video service, But neither can afford to isolate the other. The possibility of a significant conflict exists, especially if Apple has to do more Discount on App Store rules.

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