Netflix is ​​working on a live-action gundam movie

A live-action The movie has pipeline , And it has taken a huge step closer to the screen near you. There is Netflix Global rights to film, wherever except China It will be released in theaters.

Sunrise Jordan Vogue-Roberts has been used by legend and gundam owner (Cong: Skull Island And Kings of summer) To produce and direct the movie. Brian K. Vaughn (Y: The Last Man) Will write the script and play the role of executive creator.

There are very few details about the live-action goon movie outside of the original creative team and updates on how it came to Netflix. No details of the plot have been released (such as whether it will take place on Gundam’s original Universal Century timeline) and it is unclear when you will be able to stream the film. There are also minor issues with Vat-Roberts metal gear solid flick .

This is not the first live action gundam movie. It’s a TV movie made for a drama in Japan in 1999. It’s almost a safe bet that this time the budget will be a bit higher.

Netflix, meanwhile, is adapting another Sunrise property to live-action, Cowboy Bebop. Filming in the series , Followed by long delays caused by COVID-19 and the influence of the lead actor . The show is expected to hit Netflix later this year.

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