Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Kyle Allen wearing a vest and tie, surrounded by a bunch of candles.

Kyle Allen, seen here in American Horror Story, is your new He-Man.
Pictures: FX

Netflix has power! Hell of development year after year At Sony, a new live-action Masters of the Universe Movies Gone on the streamer With plans to shoot this summer. Kyle Allen, currently seen in Steven Spielberg’s film West Side Storey, He-Man / Prince Adam, Work with managersHe is not the Brothers (The The lost city(From screenplays by Nice and David Callaham)Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings).

“We have always been inspired By the fantastic world of EterniaProducer Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, And Steve Tish said in a statement. “This movie has been made for us and our partners for 14 years and we are excited to tell a whole new story. Masters of the Universe For Mattel and Netflix with Ni Brothers and Dave Callham and share it with worldwide viewers. “

That would be this film Making way for Netflix makes a lot of sense. There is a streamer Really embrace the world Masters of the Universe Last year, Launching two new animated series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation And He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. So the company must see that fans are ready and waiting to see these characters in live action.

“Masters of the universe It’s an iconic asset that transforms the imagination of an entire generation of kids with the message of being their best version, “he said. Robbie Brenner, executive producer of Mattel Films. “With our partners at Netflix, we look forward to showing the audience that anything can happen in Eternity. We’re going to unlock this global franchise in a new way, and we can’t wait to see Kyle fight a scalar in this epic live-action story. “

And yes, This project That was before Noah Centineo attached, with projection Release dates go back to 2019. Now, finally, it seems Netflix is ​​going to bring it across the last line.

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