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A boy holding a camera phone is staring at a huge, horrible face with shining eyes.

The eyes see you.
Screenshot: Netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion The show no longer has the exclusive right to send divine angels to destroy humanity for its sins. Anime has now shared this honor Hellfire, An upcoming Netflix Series from Yen Sang-jOh, Director of international hit horror movies Busan train And Its sequel Peninsula.

These angels seem to be much more specific about who, exactly, should die. And unfortunately for humanity, divinely According to the official description, scheduled death is the beginning of the problem:

“Incredible demonstrations in hell took place in the middle of Seoul in front of the crowd. Mysterious creatures condemn individuals to hell, and other worldly creatures appear at certain times to ruthlessly burn the target. The commanding voice of Jung Jinsu, the leader of an up-and-coming religious organization, The New Truth, has risen above the extreme chaos caused by this indescribable supernatural phenomenon. He claims that only sinners are identified for condemnation and that these events represent the divine will to make people righteous. With blind faith, a group of his followers, the Arrowhead, took upon themselves the punishment of those who went against the will of God. The earth becomes a living hell.

“Min Hygin, a lawyer, challenged Chairman Junk, claiming that the display of hell was just a supernatural event. He joins forces with some people who try to save the inhabitants of hell and return the world to the kingdom of man, not the gods. They go against the chaos instigated by The New Truth. “

This premise is intriguing – without irony.Hell, And the trailer doesn’t disappoint either:

I have so many questions. If these things are not angels, then what are they? By what criteria are they deciding who will die and for what? Does the cult have some secret connection with the event, because 99.4 percent of the cults always do something evil? If Min Hyezin wins the case, won’t the attack continue?

I also want answers, but I’ll have to wait until Hellbound debuts on Netflix on November 19. The series stars Yoo Ah-in as the New Truth leader Jung Jinsu, and Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hyejin.

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