Netflix looks to build an online hub around its core content

With streaming space Every year is becoming more competitive, Can work on an online hub to highlight the power of Netflix’s core content. Looking at buyer surveys Protocol Suggests the company is considering creating a platform called N-Plus.

“N-Plus is an online space of the future where you can see more of your preferences about Netflix and anything related to it.” The document may contain content such as hubs Podcast, How to toss and user-created playlists.

Of these three, Netflix provides the most indication of how playlist functionality can work. The survey indicates that you can put together a list of your favorite TV shows and movies and share them online. The way the Netflix feature offers the feature, the company can use it to bring new customers into the service. “If visitors are not members, they will only see a trailer for the show,” the document said. The playlist feature may also include support for the music.

Another part of the survey indicates that N-Plus users can decide the future of Netflix productions. “Learn about a planned show (pre-production) and influence its development with feedback before filming ends,” it says.

When Protocol Contacting Netflix about the N-Plus, a spokesman for the streaming giant said the company often polls its customers on the idea of ​​working behind the scenes. For example, don’t take the survey as a confirmation. It said that Netflix has already used platforms like Twitter and YouTube to promote what’s coming, and a few more. Niche Social Media Channel There is a strong following. It should not be tried and tapped by companies for that interest from different angles.

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