Netflix pays’ 450 million reported for two ‘knife out’ sequels

Ryan Johnson’s meal Knife out It will have a sequel, in reality it is getting two Different And Deadline Reports have surfaced that Netflix producer has struck a deal with Media Rights Capital, valued at more than 4 50,450 million for two sequels, with Johnson-directed and Daniel Craig returning as oddly-spoken detective Benoit Blanc.

It’s a huge price to pay, but the first movie was great – it has a 97 percent rating In rotten tomatoes And some Deleted scenes that should not be missed – And Netflix needs to increase its lineup with more competition than ever before in terms of streaming. Recent Netflix releases on big-budget line-ups like Warner’s 2021 HBO Max Slate have felt somewhat underheating, and Disney’s constant barrage of expansion into MSU and Star Wars could probably help turn it around.

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