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From the Abrams Books 'The Mitchells vs. The Machines', the idea of ​​each member of the Mitchell family is art.

Mitchell gets ready to go behind the scenes with the family.
Pictures: Arthur Fong / Sony Pictures Animation, via Netflix

In the era of streaming, dedicated Hard to come by “special features”. Sometimes you have to wait for one Rare home release, Sometimes they are made-only online, sometimes what might be a bonus documentary comes down to the appropriate streamer. But apparently, to change that, all that is needed is the desire to push your product to the heights of the reward season.

What Netflix is ​​doing-Rather deservingly, we want to say– For Mitchells vs. The Machines, Which didn’t really get that rare home release last month, but made a major part of the streamerPush your consideration for this. Netflix has done things to promote both the home release and the animated movie award. Host and post Katie Mitchell Fictional Twitter Q&A The movie School The optimist has even published his own movie recommendations, movie scripts. But now aWords site, Netflix has dropped the full digital version of Abrams Books The Art of the Mitchells vs. The Machines.

First published last year, Mike Ryander’s Adventure / RoboPoCallips / Family Bond animated movie, behind-the-scenes Romin Jahed’s guide to film concepts, character design, main setpieces and even the glorious art of construction. The Art Team’s Perspective “Katie-Vision, 2D / 3D strategy Mitchells Katie is used to highlighting her own unique visual perspective on the world around her and her potential film projects. As well as tons of interviews from the team behind the photo, the digital release of the book means that now All For the first time in the wonderful art is freely available online, too. Who knows what kind of impact it will have Mitchells vs. The MachineThere is a possibility of an award this season, but we are not going to say no to behind-the-scenes public access to one of the best animated movies of the last few years.

You can read the whole thing Mitchells vs. The Machines Art books Here.

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