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If you’ve ever sat helpless in front of hundreds and hundreds of movie and TV show options NetflixUnable to determine what kind of unobtrusive content can be fixed for the night, you’re in luck: after launching its “Play Something” instant-streaming shuffle feature on connected TVs last April, Netflix announced Monday that it will soon be available on Android mobile devices worldwide. To do.

Similarly it works on your TV, “Play Something” will enable mobile Android users to choose Out of decision-Change customers’ streaming options and create a process by running a command automatically. The word “random” here is a bit confusing, but Netflix insists that the selection process is not random: “Play Something” works algorithmically to sort shows based on users’ actual viewing history and preferences, and not the old iPod Nano like yours. The songs in the library are already random.

“Something helps Netflix members discover new shows and movies when they don’t want to make a decision,” Patrick Fleming, director of product innovation at Netflix, said in a statement. “Today, we’re excited to bring this feature to Android as well – choosing what to look for on your phone has never been easier.”

In April, when Netflix launched “Play Something” on connected TVs, the platform acknowledged that it planned to launch the feature on Android mobile devices soon, but declined to comment on whether iOS users would one day see the same feature. . According to Diversity, The platform also denies the feature that this feature will be launched in the web browser at any time.

In addition to the Shuffle feature, Netflix has also announced Two more changes On its mobile offers on Monday. In a separate update for Android in specific markets including the US, Netflix is ​​adding the “Fast Laughs feature”, which was launched on iOS earlier this year, and it’s basically a tic-tac-toe reel specifically dedicated to highlighting funny clips from platform shows. And for iOS, Netflix plans to launch downloads for you later this month Android is a tool that Android users are already familiar with for an offline viewing experience to automatically download as an easy way to set up the shows you’re watching.

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