Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Pokemon Go The maker has a new augmented reality mobile game, and this time, it’s about Pikmin. Niantic is now rolling out Pickmin Bloom Worldwide, starting in Singapore and Australia where it is already live. Similar, same, equivalent Pokemon Go, You have to go out and interact with the real world to enjoy the game. It’s a really fun and colorful companion for everyday walking or hiking, though, since it has no fights and no incentives to catch rare monsters. Pokemon Go By

Inside Pickmin Bloom, When you walk you will find seedlings that you can pick up and turn into tree-like creatures that will follow you. The more you walk, the more Pikmin you will pick up and the more Pikmin will follow you. Onscreen, you are portrayed as a Mii avatar, with a bunch of animals walking behind you and blooming more flowers along your path. You will be able to collect items during your walk, including Pikmin clothing and fruit you can feed your animals so that flowers can bloom on their heads.

Niantic CEO John Hank said in a video announcement of the game that the flowers that Pikmin makes can be seen by other players, so you can create a shared garden with your neighbors. Pickmin Bloom It is now live for Android and iOS in Singapore and Australia, and will reach more countries and regions “soon”.

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