Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

A Bloomberg The report claims that Nintendo gave at least 11 developers a toolkit to create games for switches that support 4K graphics. Shortly after its release, however, the gaming giant issued a statement strongly denying that it was providing tools to develop titles for 4K consoles. “[T]His report is not true, ”the company said Tweeted. Further, it reiterates that there are no plans for any new switch model other than this OLED variant It will be published on October 8th.

Bloomberg That said, Nintendo has already handed over the 4K toolkit and has already asked developers to create games with 4K resolution when it announces the OLED model. The publication added that the 11 companies it spoke to consisted of large publishers and small studios, including Zinga.

Nintendo’s upcoming OLED Switch 4K does not support graphics, although its screen offers better color and contrast than its predecessors. In the past, Bloomberg Reported that the company is working on a switch with an OLED screen and an NVIDIA chip that will be able to create 4K graphics when connected to a TV. A source told the publication that the Nintendo Covid-1 has struggled with a material shortage due to the pandemic epidemic and had to scrap its 4K plan.

Releasing a 4K switch seems like a logical next step for Nintendo, as its competitors already have consoles that support resolution. Based on the company’s statement, though, it won’t happen anytime soon.

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