Nintendo is selling more switches than predicted

Nintendo has sold 4.73 million Switch consoles The last quarter, Almost double its own forecast. The company has removed the fear of being dragged forward by A. Blockbuster in the winter quarters Switch sales at the same time last year to achieve a 44 percent increase. Nintendo also beat forecasts for the full year by posting 28.83 million console shipments. This is a jump of 100 percent compared to FY 2020, bringing lifelong sales to 84.59 million.

Its ongoing popularity means the Switch has now outsourced another legacy of the Nintendo console to Game Boy Advance and will surpass the Wii next year. Okay, as long as no run is lost in its supply chain grooves. Nintendo noted that the global semiconductor crisis could create “barriers to part collection”. In all, the company expects to sell 25.5 million switches in the next fiscal year, which runs from April 21st to March 22nd.

The software aspect was just as impressive. Nintendo ended the year with 230 million games sold, again with its original expectation of 90 million. Like hardware, software sales also grew 37 percent year-over-year, emphasizing the steady application of its first-party titles. The biggest success of the year was the joyous life sim Animal crossingMeanwhile, it has sold 32 million copies since its release in March 2020, Ring Fit Adventure More than one million copies have been sold and now 10 million shipments are at the top.

Of the organization Super Mario 3D All Star Older remaster games sold 9 million units before the fully-formed package was arbitrarily removed from the store on March 31st. Another reprint of the type (although it added a lot of new material) Wrath of Super Mario 3D World + Bosser, Which Nintendo says sold 4 million units in the first six weeks of sales. Older games continue to perform: Mario Kart 8 The platform’s most popular headline and sent over 10 million copies throughout the year.

Looking ahead, a mix of ‘medium-sized’ games for Nintendo this upcoming quarter: Pokemon Snap Came out last week, Myth Within a few weeks, the newly announced $ 30 Game maker garage Comes in early June and then Mario Golf Super Rush It will open on June 25, a few days before the end of the quarter.

Even further down the line, players can expect one Zelda Skyward Sword Before the remainder of the rest of July Pokemon diamonds and pearls Remakes are likely to dominate by the end of the year. More worrying Pokemon Legend: Aresius – An open-world prequel – ‘scheduled for early 2022’ is probably the largest publication and the one that will contribute the most to future console sales without a release window. The The breath of the wild Sequels and Metroid Prime 4 There are still TBAs, such as the next installment of fan choice Beyonc.

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