‘No need for spousal support’: How millionaire women are rebuilding the public interest

“Wife support is not required.” Five words Melinda Gates divorce The petition last week was a separate underestimation of a woman’s নামে 1 billion in her own name and Bill Gates’ ভাগ 130 billion claim for Microsoft’s fortune.

They can serve as targets of a growing group of women whose independent donations transform the American public interest.

Details of Gates’ separation agreement will remain private, although within a few days of the divorce holding bill holding company Transferred stock More than 2 2 billion worth for Melinda.

The couple will continue, though Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Together, it manages less than half of Bill’s fortune, increasing Melinda’s chances of further transferring wealth as her own more benevolent force.

There is not a single template in the new class of female megadonars in which she has already become the most weaved. There are some who had the title of divorce (significantly) Mackenzie Scott’s ল 38 billion deal with Jeff Bezos) and others have been widowed as their prime minister, such as Lauren Powell Jobs, Julia Koch and Sheryl Sandberg.

Mackenzie Scott’s philanthropic team scanned the data of 6,500 organizations and interviewed thousands of them before selecting 384 recipients for donations © Ivan Agostini / Invasion / AP

Priscilla Chan, the wife of Mark Zuckerberg, is among those who have shared the same billing with their wives in terms of giving high-octane from their first wife. And there are a growing number whose wealth comes from their own initiative rather than from husbands or ancestors.

Together, they are wrestling the female human race away from its mingling with liberation-clad socialites and enthusiastic dinners, the population and strategic shifts that are shaking the charities to respond.

Part of the increase in women’s donations reflects an increase in their wealth. Through the BCG, women control one-third of the world’s wealth Guess, And is further accumulated at an acceleration rate. But those working in the field say the best-known benefactors are inspiring others to follow their example.

Scott paid $ 5.7 billion last year by blasting donor lists – the second after her ex-husband. Even more astonishing than how she spent it, she said, is Andre Pacter, former head of the Institute for Women’s Anthropology at Indiana University.

“[It] She was so outspoken that I believe it’s a key issue and it’s for women, and hopeful men will think about giving it to them.

In just four months, Scott’s team scanned the data of 6,500 companies, interviewing hundreds of them before being selected. 384 Recipients Working on everything from food banks to studies.

“McKenzie is reconsidering Scott’s strategies in the public interest, forcing companies that are funding a lot of projects to step back and ask, ‘How are we doing this?’ Jacob Harold is the executive vice-president of Candidate, which studies the foundation and nonprofits.

He said his approach was “based on deep faith”, with very few foundations involved because of the interventions that many foundations insisted on, and these were unnecessary, regulated grants to relatively low-profile donors, not elite organizations.

Pactor says Scott and Gates’ spotlights have had a “replay effect” on the other woman. But it would be a mistake to be too parallel between them, “warned Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Charity. Gates has been vice-president of the Gates Foundation for two decades, and Scott (like Bezos) is new to the list of top donors.

Priscilla Chan pioneered the use of limited liability organizations in the public interest © Getty Images

Yet as these women make these lists more diverse, Buchanan says she is optimistic that we will see “top-down, business-known-best thinking that sometimes becomes a big donor to the problem.”

Research by the Pacter Institute suggests that men and women have different motivational styles and different motivations for delivery.

Dana Brackman-Ridger, a professor at Brooklyn Law School, says generational factors can play a bigger role than gender. Gates is one year younger than the job. Scott and Sandberg are 51, and Chan is just 36.

He thinks, “Monster is moving away from something like retiring while building your empire, while you are building your own family,” he noted.

Are young donors More interested Impacts are more likely to be used in a benevolent mix with investments, and limited liability firms and donor-advised funds, which are more flexible and personal than foundations.

Brackman Rizer said that young donors like Jobs and Chan, who played a leading role in the use of LLC, are “counting with charitable instruments.”

When the University of California at Los Angeles started a woman in a philanthropic program 25 years ago, female donors were supposed to play a supportive role.

“They felt: ‘I’m donating: this is my check, my husband’s name is not even on it and [yet] Thanks note. . . Melissa Efron, who ran the program, came back to him in memory of Hayek.

However, the campus has been there ever since Pronounced transfer Towards giving women their own rights and giving them less of a “transactional” quality for their donations, Efron Hayek says: There is no need to put their names in the building. . . They want to be employed and feel the impact of giving them. “

Kathleen Lohr, who advised donors on how to attract female donors, highlighted Scott’s ambitions for influence, her rigorous research and her focus on her values ​​as a symbol of how women donate differently.

Many female donors have conflicted with the patriarchal term “benevolent” and their willingness to partner with groups that support them, she said. They also give more reasons to address income inequality and ignore many men as other women and girls advance.

Gates is also a model. Whatever she does next, unsupported by her spouse, she has already inspired her fellow female donors, says Efron Hayek: “Melinda Gates is our spiritual creature.”

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